Testimonial (Laura)

My husband, Ken, was diagnosed with a glioblastoma brain tumor in February of 2010. After he made the decision to stop taking chemotherapy, I looked for alternative and holistic methods to keep him healthy. I found Sue St. Clair in the Natural Awakenings magazine and set up an appointment with her for BodyTalk. We had just brought him home from the hospital in March of this year and he was unable to walk without the assistance of a walker and two people holding him up. Three days after he had his first BodyTalk session with Sue, he was walking with a walker alone, then without it within a week. The second session showed immediate improvement with tracking in his right eye. We are very grateful for Sue’s abilities to help Ken’s body to heal itself.

Testimonial (Suzanne)

I went through an amazing journey during my BodyTalk sessions. It identified past issues I had on my anxiety, lack of worthiness, abundance, and self-worth. It helped me deal with situations differently, recognize thought patterns that did not serve me, recreated the way I thought and felt about situations in my life that I struggled with, enhanced my awareness and ability to heal within myself. It was so accurate, the healing was so fast and effortless at times.  My life is so different because of it now and for the better.

Testimonial (Joann)

Whatever you are tapping out, please continue to do so. Yesterday I felt so much better, and today is better yet. Still get out of breath, but I don’t gasp and, oh, I feel so much better! Thank you.

Testimonial (Jade)

I am just overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation for you and your awesome healing skills. Thank you! How amazing to be able to let go of something that has affected me so deeply and in such a personal way. Thank you, and many blessings to you! In Joyous Spirit,

Testimonial (Trish)

As a deep tissue massage therapist, I have many structural and muscular issues. I was amazed how Sue St. Clair performing BodyTalk was able to locate an untold specific chronic pain in my right shoulder between the scapula and spine. I heard Sue say “good, that cell is repaired” and I haven’t had any pain in that specific muscle even with performing massages for an average of six hours a day. I have been pain free! Thank you, Sue!

Testimonial (Andy)

At 26 years old, for as long as I could remember, I had chronic GI issues. Constipation, diarrhea, persistent discomfort. I was given the dubious “IBS” diagnosis. So I disciplined myself to what I imagined was a near-perfect diet; yet still to no relief. In fact, things appeared to be slowly getting worse. I eventually had a colonoscopy and the verdict was that I had a severe, unnatural, sharp right-angle in my colon, with this, alas, being the cause of my difficulties. The GI doctor, of course, could only offer me (dangerous, expensive) surgery. I was not satisfied with this approach. To my good fortune, I eventually came across BodyTalk and decided to give it a shot… and boy, am I glad I did. Suffice it to say, if I were a believer in miracles, I might have mistaken my results with BodyTalk for such. Many will understandably be skeptical; I, in fact, was also skeptical at times (incidentally, thus proving that there is something far beyond mere placebo at work here). Safe, effective, inexpensive, non-invasive…BodyTalk works—and Sue St. Clair knows her stuff. Couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Testimonial (Juliet)

Thanks again, Sue, for the BodyTalk session this morning. I was really in some serious pain. I feel much better now.