Frequently Asked Questions

How did BodyTalk originate?

The BodyTalk Systemâ„¢ was developed by Dr. John Veltheim out of his search to improve his own health issues. He combined the best of all the modalities he knew into one system. He practiced for over twenty years as a chiropractor, traditional acupuncturist, Reiki Master and doctor of Oriental Medicine. His post-graduate studies included applied kinesiology, bio-energetic psychology, osteopathy, sports medicine, nutrition, counseling, craniosacral therapy, comparative philosophy, quantum physics; and later, fractal mathematics and sacred geometry.

Are there any side effects from a BodyTalk session?

There are no harmful side effects from doing BodyTalk because each session is guided by the client's innate wisdom; it can never do harm. The client's innate wisdom will always know what the client needs. The goal will always be to heal. This makes BodyTalk an extremely safe modality.

What does a client feel like during a BodyTalk session?

Sensations felt during a session vary from person to person. Some people experience physical feelings of warmth or coolness, while others feel tired and have the urge to sleep. Many clients will also hear their stomach start to gurgle. All these things can occur when energy starts to shift and change within the body. Keep in mind, some people might not notice any physical sensations, but almost all clients feel a sense of calm and relaxation during a treatment.

Will it help my specific problem?

Because we are asking the body what it wants and needs, chances are that your specific issue will be addressed, but in a way that may not be obvious to you. The sympton is your pain or dysfunction, but the underlying disharmony may originate elsewhere. The body always tells us how and where to start. That is called 'priority.' Also, if your body knows that your brain or heart needs balancing prior to the issue you came for, we will address your brain or heart as a priority.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions needed varies from client to client. Your body will process the information from the session over a period of time. You may feel immediate results or the results may be more gradual, depending on the condition, how long it's been a part of you, and the complexity of issues surrounding it. The frequency of sessions depends on the client's health status, symptoms, and outcome goals. It is usually recommended to have 4-6 sessions; and more if we are dealing with a complex or long-term chronic condition.

Should I do BodyTalk instead of seeing my doctor?

BodyTalk is not an either/or decision. BodyTalk is a complementary system of health care. It blends very well with all medical treatments. It can help your body heal from negative side effects of medications and facilitate ease with surgical procedures and rehabilitation programs. It addresses the entire bodymind complex, so will benefit the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your whole being.