About Us

The Practitioner

Sue Ballew St. Clair has a Masters degrees in Nursing and Public Health and has been practicing as a family and psychiatric nurse practitioner for the last 17 years. Her decision to seek out and align herself with more natural, gentle, non-invasive ways to aid patients to heal has come about by degrees and over a period of time. When she finally discovered energy medicine and specifically BodyTalk, Sue knew she had made it "home."

BodyTalk fulfills a personal and spiritual need to provide a meaningful service to others through the healing arts. By using BodyTalk protocols, she can say to chronically ill individuals, with confidence, that BodyTalk can help them heal their disorders, chronic conditions and imbalances either as a stand-alone practice or as an integrative approach with other healing methods. BodyTalk has proven to Sue its ability to get to the root cause of illness and disease and effectively help the bodymind heal. There is no condition that cannot be helped by BodyTalk sessions.